Me and the pretty teacher

Just over four months ago I was completely mislead by a Satanist who pretended to be a true partner and a believer in God, also a loyal member of the JW religion, however, her recent actions clearly prove that none of those things are true. Justyna Stolarczyk is a highly false character with absolutely no loyalty or sincerity unless you can provide her with cheap rent, and a boyfriend that she can become acquainted with. Recently it turns out a pretty teacher related to somebody I know works at the same school as the Satanist: This lady seems to want something from me, anyway I decided to take a picture of her, this video photo was taken close to the school where she works, her back is turned as she didn’t want the Satanist and user to be able to see her and recognize her.

Dishonesty Covered by Religious Beliefs

I was recently cheated by one of the most fictitious and dishonest person you could ever meet. Yet if you were to speak to this person or listen to their ideology you’d think they’re Jesus, despite due to the sex of this person it’s highly unlikely. 🙂

This post is unfinished, but here I will uncover the actions of the most insincere person I’ve ever met, however their disguise eventually feel off and they finally revealed their true colours showing just how ugly their mind really is.

Shuttle 4 McGlashan: Perfect evening out

Do you ever get the feeling you would like feel important? Perhaps trying out Lax Shuttle Service could be the answer to all your feelings, I can’t stand people always say never the McGlashan blog is about being open to discuss many subjects.

If you’re poor and you can’t afford most things you can still have ambitions. Shuttle 4 McGlashan is about trying out a limousine ride perhaps alone or with a few friends. If something is beyond your financial reach team with friends Shuttle 4 McGlashan can be as cheap as a night out in the pub not only that you’re sharing a good time you will not forget easily with some friends.

Generally speaking a lot of friends you hang around will share some of your interest and a good way to do things is to split the cost, doing this can broaden your mind as there are many things which you would like to do in life and you may never do if you try it all alone, the McGlashan blog loves networking with friends from all over the world who wish to try something but need a few friends to lessen the cost.

But don’t become an addict when you start using the shuttle: we started Shuttle 4 McGlashan from the internet, this is a great way to bring people together who wish to try things sponsors that cause.

Let the day begin Shuttling.

Joe-Pass comping behind singers

Joe pass was a great Jazz guitarist and one often listened too by friend Emilia Nedzi and other people I know. Comping is the way to describe the guitar-playing behind a singer’s voice, so you see a Jazz guitarist and a singer as a duet what the guitarist does whilst the singer is singing is known as comping. Pass-frequently did this with Ella Fitzgerald.

It’s a great art to master and when you wish to make your playing sound colourful. In Jazz understanding chord harmony and chord relationships is imperative. Joe pass did just that, he knew how to blend in different chords with the singer’s voice. This was a skill which he had worked hard to accomplish. Guitarist like Ted Greene has mastered this style and have excellent books written on chord theory. I recommend his famous book chord chemistry. Brian Setzer the lead singer and guitarist from the Stray Cats studied Jazz guitar and was very good at utilizing this technique.

Jazz musicians are generally well trained as it’s hard to be able to play it and sound good with little knowledge so they all have to practice on a daily basis.